The Three World (Tri-phoom)

Combination technique on 6 piece of teak woods
[each-108+210 Cm.] size 324+420 Cm. year 2001- 2003.

Standing 4 meters high, the Three Worlds sculpture painting was commissioned by a businessman who'sgallery features Thailand' s most prominent contemporary artists. Veerachan's Three Worlds is his biggestpiece so far and is also the largest single piece of artwork in the Ben- cha - chin- da building' s arts museumin Bangkok The Three Worlds took over two years to complete and was originally commissioned as a fantasyportrait. Following discussions, the emphasis was taken off the portrait concept to a broader perspectivethat is relavent to anyone who experiences the power of this magnificent sculpture.

The hands of the subject push down on the evil influences of karnal pasts and temtations while seekingon a higher plane. Above the head , spheres represent the notable phases of life, from birth to death.
The Three Worlds referes to the physical world we live in and the heaven and hell above below us. Aroud the face, a sea of writhing bodies represent humanity in its barest, most animal form.


Detail 1

Detail 2
Detail 3

Detail 4
Detail 5

Detail 6
Detail 7

Detail 8
Detail 9

Step of Works

Though sketch
Though sketch

Color  sketch

Detail   sketch  scale  1: 1
Detail  sketch   scale  1: 1

Detail   sketch  scale  1: 1
Detail   sketch  scale  1: 1


Original  Teak  wood  from  Northern  of  Thailand Six  pieces  ,    For  each   :     Size  120  x 230 Cm.  


Teak woods  in  studio ,  after  :  clean and  cut 


craving   the  wood  ,    preparing  for  painting
Each  wood  size   108  x  220  Cm.

Pencil    sketch  on  Teak  wood
as  complete  sketch   by   scale    :   1 :1


Pencil   sketch  on  teak   wood
Preparing   for  oil  painting

Pencil  sketch   on  teak  wood
Preparing  for  oil  painting


Pencil  sketch  on   teak  woods

Oil  painting  on  teak  woods

Oil  painting  on  teak  woods 

Oil  painting  on  teak  woods


The  Fantasy  Arts  Group
At   The  Miracles  of  Ganesha  Studio  Bangkok