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Magic of the Elephant Collection

From Artist : Veerachan Usahanun

For millennia Ganesh has been worshipped for his supernatural powers that weave their protectivestrands into the magical fabric of the Universe, upholding peace by maintaining karmic justice.
Ancient scriptures depict Ganesh in many forms; posture, hue and his chosen arsenal represent themulti faceted immortal entities of Ganesh as they descend from heaven to carry out the tasks at hand. One is many and all are one, all seeing god; the father form of Ganesh orchestrating his symphony of universal equilibrium around our complex lives and intertwining souls.

Traditionally, Ganesh is most commonly represented in thirty two different forms that are consideredas being the most important representations for his earthly tasks.
As an artist and a modern man of Ganesh's world I humbly and respectfully request that Ganesh allowme to portray his divine influences with 12 different forms of my own visions as Ganesh descends uponthe world.

Magic of the Elephant Collection

The word 'Magic' in the title does not mean magic, supernatural or sacred. It is the infinite possibility of paths a life may take, wherever they may lead; for they all end as the ultimate destiny of Ganesh's laws of universal consequence.

Faith is an intrinsic facet of human nature and throughout life we are given endless opportunities to end internal suffering and make a difference in the world by surrendering to our faith.
As I become intoxicated on the blissful elixir of my faith in Ganesh's universal influence of goodnessand greatness, I am subdued and creatively inspired. I have surrendered myself to my faith and to Ganesh's will to pay homage to the creation of this great and eternal master.

Thank you