The Tweltth Carnation : Turuna Ganapati

The Miracles of Ganesha

Title : Tarunai Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on Canvas
Size : 120x160 cm.
Year : 2007

Indian's Original

Human always believe in their own thought. Therefore, the "Truth" or "Reality" for them depends on how they perceive or see it. The thing called "Truth" of everyone is not the same. Each one is able to comprehend this issue by different level, characteristic and different knowledge. The "Truth" of someone always has more positive with the progress of intelligence, more and more, certainly: until the final of the "Truth" has come.

All paintings in this collection are not painted to assure that I already have knowledge about the "Truth". But those paintings were painted to prove about the extinction of my despondence and to assert firmly for the deepest of my concentration. I have surrendered myself to the Miracles of Ganesha, and pay all my respect to his kindness that leads me to find the way of peacefulness till I could paint this collection, and I would like to reveal you who reading this story that this collection will be painted cont- nuously and finished completely in the near future.