The Third Carnation : Nritya Ganapati

Ganesh Lord of Universal Rhythm

Title : Nritya Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 112x185 cm.
Year : 2005

Indian's Original

Ganesh is the inspiration of all music as the rhythms and vibrations of the universe are channeled through him, we humans are purely vehicles of Ganesha's universal musical expression.

Just like any other painting of Veerachan's, the longer you look at the incredible detail in this painting, you are taken on an historical journey through the era of music that Veerachan grew up in as you spot one famous musician after another. Some of them are: Jimmy Hendrix, BB King, Maddona, Bob Marely and The Beatles, to name a few. Elvis is there too, right on Ganesha's heart. Being a mean rock guitarist himself, Veerachan has placed himself on Ganesha's shoulder, in place of the rat.

Musicians will also notice the the guitars are being played in the chord of E, the most common for Rock music.