The Ten Catnation : Heramba Ganapati

The Winner

Title : Hermba Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 120x120 cm.
Year : 2007

Indian's Original

For millennia, Ganesha has been worshipped for his supernatural powers that weave their protective strands into the magic fabric of the Universe, upholding peace by maintaining karmic justice. The one of Ganesha's carnation in this painting, he has five heads and they are scrutinized to every points of the compass to oversee everything respiration under his protection.

For me, The "five heads" of Ganesha are comparable to the simplicity or the five rules of life which can help us find the way of happiness and peacefulness.

They are:
        1. Do Not maltreat and hurt or kill anyone
        2. Do Not steal, corrupt or cheat to other person
        3. Do Not lie to anyone, especially to yourself
        4. Do Not have sexual intercourse with a wife of the other
        5. Do Not drunk and drug till self 's control disappearance

Ganesha in this painting is standing on ferocious lion. This is the representation of someone who intends to overcome temptation and always divides his kindness to everyone proportionately.