The Second Carnation : Veera Ganapati

Ganesh the Guardian
The Pachyderm God Oversees the Universe

Title : Veera Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 112x185 cm.
Year : 2004

Indian's Original

His aura, like a million suns, guards and illuminates the universe with its brilliance. The two cruel eyes seek out evil while the third eye looks out over the Universe with infinite vision. Armed with an axe, his strong torso and limbs are primed to fight off evil.

Humans of any caliber will instinctively know that our bodies and souls are but as significant as grains of dust we must strive to keep our souls clean, our mind and body as one by repelling the suffering of attachment and self inflicted weakness of spirit that brings us to call upon the gods for help.

If we are strong in mind, spirit and conviction; upholding the principles of Ganesha's manifestations, life unfolds with positive karmic justice and we need not seek to demand that he forego the pleasof others for our own petty deliverance.