The Ninth Carnation : Bala Ganapati

Ganesh Reborn

Title : Bala Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 93x185 cm.
Year : 2005

Indian's Original

This painting completes and continues the cycle of death and birth, representing a new beging for both the spirit of Ganesha and the earth.

The new born Ganeshaa sits upon the new earth, recreating the human form like a child playing with clay. Under new guidance, the world and its inhabitants are given a fresh start and the chance to create something better than before.ultimately, the sucess or failure of the human race is down to our own will and ability to percveive, create and sustain it. Ganesha is indifferent to the good or evil that may prevail.

In the background stands the father of the new born Ganesha, watching over his son with the same inescapable paternal instincts of any earthbound father, filled with compassion and love for his offspring while also experiencing the jealousy of one who must stand back and watch rather than trying to relive a life through a son.

He must force himself to 'let go' of his emotional and physical attachment so that his son may go forward and persue his own ambitions and dreams. Accompanying music: Veerachan was inspired to paint this after listening the 'The Big Bang Theory' by Stretchout! The music is an instrumental composition that tells the history of our Universe from the 'Big Bang' of eons ago to the present and beyond.