The Fouth Carnation : Runamochana Ganapati

Ganesh the Fighter

Fantasy Ganesha Painting, The Fighter

Title : Runsmochana Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 93x185 cm.
Year : 2005

Indian's Original

The Fighter is three individually framed pieces that together create a very powerful image of life’s karmic forces. (The top and bottom additional pieces are not pictured here)

Fists clenched, the fighter has courage in the face of karmic influences. Ganesha fights for truth and justice and for keeping the soul pure in intention.Winged angels of karma seek to carry out their deeds of cosmic justice for which the traditional representation of Ganesha produces a defensive armory to maintain the karmic balance.

Above them, in the heavens sits the ultimate overseer and dictator of fate, the father and creator of Ganesha. In these pieces, Veerachan illustrates for the first time, the ultimate focus of the Ganesh collection, Ganesh’s creator; something Veerachan has pondered since his conception of the collection.

Below, in deep blood red of hell, frenzied bodies clamber over each other, seeking their return to a higher plain but only by surrender and acceptance of the ways of universal karmic influences will we find the restoration of a peaceful soul.