The First Carnation : Urdhva Ganapati

The Comforter

Fantasy Ganesha Painting, The Comforter

Title : Urdhva Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 55x155 cm.
Year : 2003

Indian's Original

Ganaesh soothes the weary and shares our pain from destructive influences, bringing us back to the comfort of the womb to revitalize our spirts. This is the very fist painting conceived for the Miracle of Ganesh Collection. It represents a time of pian frustration at not knowing direction to take next coupled with the uncertainty of the future.

By contemplating the way if Ganesh, the artist finds comfort in the reassurance that having faith in unversal influences will lignt the path to a brighter future.

Comfort is not only found in the arms of Ganesh but also in therealization that our ideals, fears and expectations all come from within and it is up to us as individuals to manifest our own good thoughts and deeds.