The Fifth Carnation : Vighna Ganapati

The Producer

Fantasy Ganesha Painting, The Producer

Title : Vighna Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 110x130 cm.
Year : 2004

Indian's Original

The way of Ganesh oversees the balance between the physical and spiritual world, producing equilibrium between both realms with careful thought and deliberation; rejecting the sinful and encouraging the worthy. In this depiction of Ganesh, he carries not weapons but tools that enable him to place people where they should be.

Beneath Ganesh, lie human souls awaiting their time to make the transition to our physical world. Some wait patiently while others attempt to cross over through deception and offerings.

Ganesh does not allow this and only those he deems appropriate will be carried over. This is not to say that only 'good' souls will make the transition.
Ganesh knows that elements of good and bad are needed to keep the balance. This is a reminder that the world is made up of many elements and we cannot hope to sway the balance either way.

The individual must be aware of his or her position in life and how they fit into the big picture. When we ignore this, Ganesh will set to work and banish the useless to the spiritual realm.