The Eleventh Carnation : Sakti Ganapati

The Pretty Woman

Fantasy Ganesha Painting, The Pretty Woman

Title : Sakti Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on Canvas
Size : 90x120 cm.
Year : 2008

Indian's Original

Ganesha in this carnation seems to be reborn as a female who descends the heaven to accomplish the tasks, sits on the back of Demons whom compared to be all mankind, animals and everything which is protected by herself.

Actually, female is a person who has a lot of responsibilities, not only having influence and giving inspiration to the man, but also she has produced lineage of the world's inheritance. The long nine months that she has to treat with kindness and affection, she releases her products to the earth. Afterwards, she has to take care her children until they grow up and strong enough to find out their own places in the world. This- female's servitude has to do with great spiritual advancement and faithfulness for the procedure of the nature.

About those lines that come out from the female's head, compared to the mother who always takes care and protects her offspring from her own blood with her heart and breath. The beautiful breast in this painting represents to the first fertile area for all mankind. Everyone once touched and tasted them since we were born. But this becomes "Shameless" or "Immoral" when the mankind begins to know the word "Civilization" which we create for overwhelm ourselves.