The Eigth Carnation : Uchhishta Ganapati

The Lover

Fantasy Ganesha Painting,The Lover

Title : Uchhishta Ganapati
Technic : Combination Technique on board
Size : 120x185 cm.
Year : 2005

Indian's Original

There is an incredible amount of detail in this painting and one that artist Veerachan spent the most time completing.

Although this painting may seem overly erotic at first glance but it is reflecting one of our most fundamental instincs and how our idea of beauty is an overiding facto in the way we conduct our lives.

Here, the lotus flower symbolises the male while sprouting from the female are roses and from them sprout more bodies. The female must use all her skill to control the male's winged heart. She knows it can easily fly away towards another.

With all the pointed jewellery, tusks and thorns, they must perform a delicate dance before they may embrace with any passion. It The 8th and penultimate depiction of Ganesh in the collection. The Lover shows that while Ganesha is supernatural, he is also super-human. Even in this moment of passion, Ganesha must still remain focused on his universal duties. There is so much more to this painting than first meets the eye and rather than explaining it, just draw your own conclusions because each and every detail is laden with meaning.