Artist's videos

04.03.17 : Opening of Heavy Fantasy Art exhibition by Veerachan Usahanun at Baan Tuek Art Centre on Thapae Road. The exhibition is on display 4-30 March 2017

20.06.16 : 2016 Currently, Heavy Fantasy Portraits Project

14.07.14 : Magic of the Elephant - Veerachan Usahanun
Documentary of Ganesha (Thailand, Phuket) from -ШКОЛА DSLR on Vimeo

19.05.14 : The Soul of Love by Veerachan Usahanun

17.12.13 : Artist Interview - Veerachan Usahanun, Phuket, Thailand

25.8.12 : Magic of the Elephant by Veerachan Usahanun,
Thailand's Heavy Fantasy Artist 

18.01.09 : Indian Art by Veerachan Usahanun in Patong